Banco Hipotecario

Ricardo Teiga,
Project Leader,
Banco Hipotecario
�Alterbrain has shown a high degree of professionalism and has met delivery targets. It implemented an agile, easy-to-use system in a sector with low software penetration. The success of this initiative prompted the bank to undertake new projects with similar technologies.�
Company Name: Banco Hipotecario
Industry: Financial Services
Project: Workflow & Extranet
Company Description
Banco Hipotecario is Argentina�s biggest mortgage lender. Established in 1886, the bank has built a substantial home loan business with a 35% market share in the residential market and 23% of the global market.

Banco Hipotecario�s loan request processing was done with the support of several independent systems, which created internal inefficiencies and duplication of effort. It was difficult to determine the location and progress of the applications during processing. Once the loans were approved, the creation of the deed began a new and separate process that was complicated and ripe with it�s own inefficiencies. The bank needed one system to centralize information and manage loan processing, and another system to standardize and simplify the creation of the deed from the initial development through to the filing with the notaries.

Alterbrain developed two solutions for Banco Hipotecario: a workflow for processing loan requests and an automated system for deed creation. The first system is an integrated and modular solution that provides centralized administration and follow-up on credit requests through a simple, user-friendly workflow. It allows users to identify the physical location of the request throughout the approval process. Loan processing is now faster. Detailed information on the progress of the request is always available. The deed automation solution allows notaries and bank employees to work together online to complete the loan deeds, and share data and status reports.

- Centralized information
- Real-time document status and location information
- Faster turn-around times
- Reduced operating costs
- Streamlined administrative processes
- Improved customer service
- Reduced administration costs
- Improved documentation
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Banco Hipotecario
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